Monday, 7 January 2013

~ Join The Prosumer Revolution of eCosway ~

... You look out at America. It's changed. Good Jobs have given way to jobs that just don’t pay … Enough. Mom & Pop stores that once dotted this country … are GONE. The Local Entrepreneurs, The Backbone of our towns; They didn’t earn a million, but they did earn your trust … GONE. Big Corporations moved in. Big Box Stores went up … In fact, everything BIG began to take everything SMALL. So if you were to look at all those stores on the block and look at where all the money's going, most of it's either going overseas or is going up to some big company, making them richer!!! Look, In the nineties, many were alarmed 45% of the total income gains went to the top 1%. In 2011, 93% of those gains went to the top 1%. Every time we buy, we shift more wealth to that 1%. With every purchase we make, the rich get richer. Every time we fill up the cart, we get poorer. And as the price of products goes up, the quality goes down. Degraded by Cheap CHEMICALS and twisted science all in the name of PROFITS

 … And WE accept it. You pick up a vitamin complex with NO proven potency. Get an aloe skin care line with NO aloe. Your family TOOTHPASTE has Laurel Sulfate, a common Foaming agent found in DEGREASERS. Your shampoo is filled with DEA, MEA and TEA, TOXIC fillers, your body retains. And from sea to shining sea we are now Amber Waves of GENETICALLY MODIFIED GRAIN. You wonder … Does RECOMBINANT BOVINE GROWTH HORMONE really do a body good? You ask a store clerk, “Whats the difference between this and this”? and they say, “I dunno, its just another brand”. 

As Globalization takes over, MANUFACTURING is getting Cheaper and cheaper, but MARKETING is getting more and more expensive. And Marketing is becoming the most difficult part, thanks to globalization, because, NOW there are Thousands of brands. Now there are so many choices. Consumers are confused they don't know where to turn. Last year, Proctor and Gamble spent 10 Billion Dollars on Advertising ALONE. We’re JUST saying … You PAY to be PITCHED !!! Anywhere from $2 DOLLARS to $8 DOLLARS out of every $10 DOLLARS on health and personal care goes to Marketing. It’s TIME to send that money BACK HOME into the COMMUNITIES, where it BELONGS. 

IT IS TIME … for an International Player with a Revolutionary Business Model, bringing a World of Power to YOUR street corner. eCosway actually has the power to take an Enormous SUM of MONEY that is currently Floating in the economy and TAKE it out of the HANDS of BIG COMPANIES that Frankly don’t NEED to get any Richer … AND put it BACK into the hands of the Ordinary People … Where it BELONGS !!! With a History of 30 years, 16 countries, 2000 Plus Locations, the way eCosway sources products … Number one, eCosway looks for HIGH QUALITY Products, Cutting Edge Products, eCosway has the ARM to FIND these quality products… The Best of the Best, WorldWide !!! 

Here is the secret … We are NOT BOUND to any ONE Manufacturer! What we are bound to is Quality. We will actually go and find ALL the different manufacturers of a particular product and we’ll look at their manufacturing processes, we’ll look at their certifications, we’ll look at their practices and WE will Bring the BEST quality product of that type of thing to the Market. So Once we’ve identified a really good product, we bring out BIG Buying Power to the table AND INSTEAD of setting up BIG BOX Stores, we set up Little Boutique Stores. AND we GIVE these Stores to an Entrepreneur in a LOCAL Community, bringing to the community that Little store that we used to have. LOCAL ENTREPRENEURS … LOCAL CHAMPIONS … Leaders who KNOW its about Shifting the Money BACK, But its Also about the Quality of the Products in our Lives … 

Its about TAKING the Power of CEO’s answering to their boards and shifting it to Mom’s answering to their families because We have a RIGHT to the BEST ! We call these IDEALISTS, PROSUMERS. Professional Consumers. And we call this RADICAL NOTION, The Prosumer Revolution. Many people are initially excited about our eco-friendly, bio-degradable Cleaning Products. Knowing that we are not contributing to MORE TOXINS in our Water, more phosphates, more formaldehyde, Prosumers believe in the Planet. We SEEK REAL SCIENCE. Not Smoke and Mirrors. You can rest assured that if you are a consumer, ALL of our Chosen eCosway Products have something SPECIAL about them. And WE DEMAND TRUTH. What’s in it? Why is it special and Why should we sell it~ We are Pro-Active in Health, Family and Community. Our Nutritional Supplements are Phenomenal. We believe that Knowledge is Power and we provide YOU, The Tools! It’s the way eCosway transforms’ Peoples Families … 

JOIN ~ Shop eCosway. Discover the BEST in Everyday Consumables BUT at Discount Prices. And as you experience the Superior Values of eCosway … TELL your friends and EARN up to 15% of the purchase price on Everything they buy, Because YOU are NOW our Marketing Maven. Here is the sweet part. You won’t be asking your friends to buy HIGH Priced Stuff so you can EARN that commission. You’ll be suggesting they save on beneficial products you Absolutely believe in. And ALL you have to do is ‘Change the Way you Shop’. You can create Unlimited Prosumer Networks and EARN REFERRAL INCOME month after month and year after year. It’s like an annuity. It keeps on Growing. Your IBO number is Inheritable. And that means that you may someday earn a commission from someone shopping in an eCosway Store, or maybe Online … on the OTHER SIDE of the GLOBE !!! SOME my even EARN a FREE STORE, NO Investment. WE Pay the Bills~ YOU earn a profit on ALL Store Sales and that is ON TOP of your Entire Network. 

When we consume products that are truly beneficial, When Science and Research Out Shout the Megaphones of Marketing, the demands Stock Holders And the Greed of the Super Rich, Life gets Better, Healthier and Wealthier. We say REVOLUTION. Prosumer Revolution encompassing the four corners of the Globe NOW COMING to YOUR Street Corner. Join eCosway Today. and when you Join as a Shopper, a VIP Shopper or as an Independent Business Owner, on your first purchase, please use my IBO number as your sponsor. US 107271 ... namaste, JtShaktim 

Watch the Video ... Join The Prosumer Revolution 

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